Luxembourg Gardens 2003

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 2003 — 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 Pinhole Negative Straight Scan

“The manner in which one waits for elements to fall into place is far more important than the assistive capability of the software in your camera […] Two truths, one created by a bunch of Adobe’s programmers to impress and allegedly to aid in creativity, the other is the truth of aggregated knowledge along with the quirks inherent in every human mind.” — Stephen Jenner

7 thoughts on “Luxembourg Gardens 2003

  1. Keith Laban

    Blink technology. Simply blink to capture anything, anywhere, any time. A perfect reproduction of what Your eye sees. Perfect exposure, perfect dynamic range and perfect colour reproduction. Literally, what You see is what you get, burned on to the retinal storage device with instant recall.

    No more wet darkroom, no more processing, no more film types, no more monochrome. No more digital darkroom, no more manipulation, no more faux film. No more nuttin. Perfection. The Truth. Simplicity personified. Hell.

    Cherish choice.

  2. Stephen J

    I keep repeatedly clicking on this piece Tim and marvelling at your website’s header snaps…. A radical update for Leicaphilia. 🙂

    The selfies were OK, but these are beautiful… Presumably crops, since I have never read anything by you to suggest your use of a panoramic camera?


      1. Leicaphila Post author

        Just crops of things I’ve found lying around. Putting everything in order like the Misses requested. Amazing the things I’m finding.

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