The Detritus of a Life

In the months since Tim’s death I have faced the difficult task of going through his belongings. I don’t know how it is that we collect so much stuff – the bits and pieces of things that were of meaning, of interest, or merely caught our fancy. And I don’t know how it is that anyone else can sift through all that we leave behind and know with any certainty what should be done with each thing. I admit, there are so many things that I threw to the wind because it was just that overwhelming. I am sure if Tim could object, he would do so vociferously. At any rate, I have begun to put together lists, many lists, of the things that were not given or thrown away.

Tim took care of most of the great and expensive camera stuff before he died. I have a pretty lengthy list, nonetheless, of odds and ends that he left to me to take care of. I also have a lot of photography books. Later this month I will post these on his ebay account, or in various other places where I hope that they will catch someone’s eye and become their interest or fancy. Before that time, though, I wanted to put these items on here first. I know that it would make Tim most happy if some of these things could find their way to someone who not only looked at them for their own sake but also saw him in them. I also trust that if you see anything that is over or under priced – you will let me know.

Also, several people have expressed an interest in Tim’s photography. It would mean a lot to him to know that someone wanted one of his prints and that it had a place in their homes. I did an exhibit of his work back in March as my memorial to him. It was special and made more so as Tim had curated all the photography for it. It is my intention to post those prints here – hopefully by sometime in August. If you would like one, or one of the many pictures he used in creating this blog – again, reach out to me at

Finally, I ask your patience with me. It has been almost 6 months but that time has moved slowly for me, and I am moving slowly within it.

Below is a list of the camera equipment, paraphenalia, and collectible stuff I have and the asking price. If you are interested in any of the following you can contact me at I will be happy to provide pictures and more information so we can make sure that what you think you are getting is what you get.

LensPriceSerial #
Jupiter-8 2/5050mm2.4?M39 Mount756412037Rangefinder Adapter Ring?
MS Peleng3.5/8AManual Focus250.006001127Super wide angle/Fish-Eye with Nikon T Mount
Nikkor Lens35mm1:2.8Manual Focus80819157Ai Kit DOF under focus
Nikkor Lens28mm1:3.5Manual Focus4001787675Adapter ring
Nikkor LensAF35mm1:2Auto & Manual FocusNikon F Mount175
Nikkor LensAF24mm1:2.8Auto & Manual FocusNikon F Mount, AF Pre-D175ExcellentWide-Angle, High Quality Lens
Nikkor LensAI? Non AI?50mm1:2Manual Focus853644377
Nikkor LensAF-D50mm1:1.8DAuto FocusNikon F Mount AF D100217792
*Nikon LensSeries E35mm1:2.5Manual FocusNikon F Mount1301781584Manual focus AIS Wide Angle Prime Lens
Nikon LensSeries E100mm1:2.8Manual FocusNikon F Mount801791571Telephoto/Zoom Lens minimal spot near edge of inner lens
Pentax-MSMC50mm1:1.7Manual FocusK-Mount758684988
Pentax-MSMC28mm1:2.8Manual FocusK-Mount757142784
Ricoh.79X DW6 Conversion lens90With Adapter +45
Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar7/1351:4.7Auto &ManualToyo Mount1505400253UsedTelphoto, High Quality, Standard
SigmaEX DG for Sigma24mm1:1.8Auto & Manual FocusSigma SA Bayonet15011689969Wide angle, macro/close up, Image stabilization, Fixed/Prime
SigmaEX DC OS HSM17-50mm1:2.8Sigma SA Bayonet350.0013019130Zoom
Sigma DCArt Lens30mm1:1.4Auto & Manual FocusNikon F Mount30052237538DC for Nikon
*Soviet Lens Industar-26m USSR, Red2.8/5225Leica Mount
Vivitar28mm1:2.8T4 Lens Mount253745604Auto Wide Angle with SL (Leicaflex) mount adapter 
VoigtlanderColor-Skopar21mm1:4 MC?3009530207Voigtlander SC-Skopar 21mm F4 l Pancake Lens, Some haze on lens? Has adapter ring on it
VoigtlanderColor-Skopar35mm2.5 MCManual Focus?2509050848UsedWide Angle, small mark inside lens pancake lens. Adapter ring on it
VoigtlanderColor-Skopar35mm2.5 MC?300.009050322Classic M39 Lens – adapter ring. Pancake lens
Nikon D200Digital150
Nikon F5Digital375
Nikon FMSLR250
Ricoh GXR 10.0 MP250With J JC RHA-3 lens hood with filter adapter, HA-3 lens hood and 0.79x Conversion lens
Sigma SD15Digital300Digital Camera 1 S10 24-72mm VC Lens
Sony Nex-3N200
43mm Lens Hood Black metal5.00
43mm Lens Hood Black metal5.00
49 mm Lens Hood Black Metal5.00
52mm Lens Hood black metal5.00
ContaxAnd Body cap46mm  UV Haze50.00
EdnaliteDurakladY2  K2Med Yellow10.00
Fotodiox Mount Adapter for Leica R Lens to Leica M Cameras30.00
Fujishou 28mm View Finder40.00
Fujishou 35mm View Finder40.00
Holga HL-N 60mm f/8 Lens for Nikon DSLR Camera Black15.00
Hoya FilterHMC52mmR(25A)Red25
Hoya FilterTelesar52mmY2Yellow15
Hoya Filter46mm  Y(K2)Yellow25
Kenko46mm  MC-18Lens Protect30.00
L(M)-NEX Lens Adapter: Leica M-Mount to Sony E-Mount25.00
Leica 42mm Internal Diameter Front Lens Cap Plastic25.00
Leica 42mm Lens Cap Plastic20.00
Leica 45mm Lens Cap Plastic20.00
Leica black aluminum vintage slip on lens cap/red velvet75.00
Leica classic silver vintage slip on lens cap/red velvet35.00
Leica Leitz M2 50 M3 28-50 Adapter Converter Ring Wetzlar Screw Mount125.00
Leica Leitz Slip on Plastic Lens Cap 42mm25.00
Leica Leitz Wetzlar 12564 R1:2/50 R1:2.8/35 Hood100.00
Leica Leitz Wetzlar 12564 R1:2/50 R1:2.8/35 Hood100.00
Leica Plastic vintage slip on lens cap/Red velvet35.00
Leitz Ernst Wetzlar LEICA Viewfinder 50mm 5cm with VOIGTLANDER Shoe Mount 333-23150.00
Marumi40.5mmMC-18Lens protect10.00
Nikkor F 50/1.4 Lens hood15.00
Nikkor lens hood Snap on type for Nikkor-Auto 50mm F1.410
Nikon (S)-LM Adapter30.00
Nikon 35/2 35/2.8 43-86/3.5 Nikkor Lens Hood50.00
Nikon F / F2 Model 2 Three Sided Waist Level Finder WLF150.00
Nikon F Focusing Screen Type A w/o box15.00
Nikon F Focusing Screen Type A with box15.00
Nikon FilterXO52mm#11Green15
Nikon Filter52mmA12Polarizer15
Nikon FilterB252mm82ALight Blue10
Nikon H1 focus screen for Nikon F and F240.00
Nikon HN-1 Lens Hood25.00
Nikon HN-2 Lens hood10.00
Nikon HS-4 105/2.5 135/3.5 105/4 Lens Hood15.00
Nippon Kogaku 48mm f2 lens hood50.00
Nippon Kogaku f=13.5 cm 1:3.5 Lens hood25.00
Nippon Kogaku Tokyo Nikon F Mount Body Cap20.00
Nippon Kogaku Tokyo Nikon F Mount Body Cap20.00
Nippon Kogaku Tokyo Nikon F Mount Body Cap20.00
Ricoh VF-2 Viewfinder200
Sigma Power Grip for PG-21 SD14, SD15135
Sony HVL-F7S Flash ForNEX-5N NEX-5T NEX-5R NEX-C3 NEX-3N NEX-5 with case20.00
Tiffen FilterSF 6072Yellow15
Tiffen Filter25Red20
Tiffen FilterSR#812Polarizer15
Tiffen FilterSeries 611Green50.00
Tiffen FilterPhotar Series 6#8Yellow 215.00
Tiffen FilterPhotar Series 685BOrange20.00
Vintage Canon II Self Timer with Leather case50.00
Vintage VIEWFINDER F8.5 cm – made in USSR for Jupiter 9 or lens 85mm/Leather case40.00
Vivitar T4 – Nikon F Adapter25.00
Vivitar TX – Nikon F Adapter – Lens Adapter25.00
Vivitar TX Lens Mount – Nikon F Mount Verion N/F25
Voigtlander S Skopar 50mm F2.5 Lens Shade35.00
Voigtlander VC Meter II Shoe Mounted Speed Meter, Silver250.00
XP MC-30 Shutter Release Remote Control N1 Cable for Nikon DSLR Camera15.00
YS-NI Lens Adapter25.00
Nikon MD-12 Motor (FA/FE/FM Series)70
Nikon MB-D200 Multi Power Battery Pack for D20060
Nikon MF-27 Data Back (F5)100
1956 Kodak Plus-X 35mm Safety Film, Fast fine grain panchromatic, 1956 Factory Sealed Box45
1956 Kodak Plus-X 35mm Safety Film, Fast fine grain panchromatic, 1956 Un-Sealed Box
1961 Kodak Tri-X pan Fast B&W film
Leica M5 Anleitung Instruction Manual Black print on red background20.00
Leica Flex SL Instruction Manual, orange print on black background15.00
Leicaflex SL Through-the-lens selective area measurment information brochure15.00
Leicaflex Guide Leicaflex standard, Leicaflex SL, 196815.00
Leica Universal Focusing Bellows Sales Pamphlet – English5.00Poor condition
Leica Universal Focusing Bellows Sales Pamphlet – English15.00
Leitz Valoy II Enlarger Ad5.00Poor condition
Leica Flash Units Sales Brochure, 195825.00
The Leica System Brochure, 195820.00
Leica Manual & Databook Equipment Supplement 13th Edition, 1960’s20.00
The New Leica Stereo System Brochure, 195515.00
Leica M2 Original Product Guide brochure15.00

Below is a list of the photography books that I have and a suggested price based on research on that book. I have tried to group them by photographer when there is more than one book on the same person. If you are interested in any of the following you can contact me at I will be happy to send photographs and snwer questions so we can be sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

Andre Kertesz, 200550HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Antoine D’Agata, Vortex, 2003100SCGood. Opening crease on cover. Rare book
Antonin Kratochvil, Broken Dream, 20 Years of War in Eastern Europe, 199750HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Antonin Kratochvil, Michael Persson, 2003100SCLike New
Ari Marcopoulos, Out and About150HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Atget Voir Paris50HCVery Good, small bend on back cover in top corner
Atget, John Szarkowski, Museum of Modern Art, 200050HCGood, wear to dust jacket
Beat Generation, NY SF Paris 201750SCVery Good
Beat Memories, The Photographs of Allen Ginsburg35HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Chris Killip, Seacoal, Second Edition, 201550HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Daido Moriyama, Complete Pocket-Sized Monograph, 201250HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Daido Moriyama, Edited by Simon Baker, 201275SCVery Good
Daido Moriyama, Labrynth, 2012400SCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Daido Moriyama, Tales of Tono, 201225SCGood. Dust Jacket. Some wear to dust jacket and cover
Daido Moriyama, The World Through My Eyes, 201060HCLike New
Danny Wilcox Frazier, Driftless, Photographs from Iowa, 200775HCVery Good. Dust Jacket
Diane Arbus, An Aperture Monograph, 197225SCGood, opening crease on cover, bend mark on back cover 
Diane Arbus, Revelations60HCVery Good. Dust Jacket
Diane Arbus, Untitled, 199535HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Don McLullin, Aperture, First Edition 200150HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Eudora Welty Photographs, 198920SCVery Good
Eugene Richards, Dorchester Days, 2000100HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Flesh and Blood, Photographers Images of Their Own Families, 199220HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Friedlander First Fifty, 2019, First Edition55HCLike New – no dust jacket
Garry Winogrand, Edited by Leo Rubinfen, 2013125HDGood-Very Good – slight tear on side dust jacket
George Tice, Selected Photographs, 1953-1999, 200125SCVery Good. Library copy
Germaine Krull, Photographer of Modernity, 199950HCVery Good. Dust Jacket. Some slight discoloration on jacket
Helmut Newton, Work, 200040HCGood Slight wear to cover
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lemeut Cheroux, 2014150HCLike New 
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vive la France, Franccois Nourissier, 1970100HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Henry Wessel, Waikiki, 201150HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Imogene Cunningham, Ideas Without End, A life in Photography, Richard Lorenz, 199335SCGood2 Copies 1 is fair with wear to cover
In Our Time, The World as Seen by Magnum Phtographers, William Manchester, 1989, First Edition50HCGood, Library copy
Jackson Pollock, Ellen G Landau, Paperback, 200520SCGood, Wear to cover
Jaques Henri Lartique, A Life’s Diary, 2003 Exhibit, Pompidou20SCGood
Karsh, A Biography in Images, 200330SCLike New
Koudelka, Nationality Doubtful, 2014?150SCVery Good
Larry Towell, El Salvador, 199725SCGood Slight wear to cover
Larry Towell, In the Wake of Katrina, 200620HCVery Good 
Larry Towell, The Cardboard house, 200845SCVery Good 
Lee Friedlander, Kitaj, First Edition 200285HCLike New
Leica, Ninety Nine Years, 2012125HCBook Like New. Some wear to cardboard cover
Leica, Witness to a Century, 201285HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Lisette Model, An Aperture Monograph, 2nd Edition, (2007?)50HCVery Good, Library copy
Lust & Madness, Murder & Mayhem: Harm’s Way, Editor Joel-Peter Witkin, First Edition, 5000 copies100HCVery Good. Dust Jacket. Some slight discoloration on jacket
Magnum Contact Sheets, Editor Kristen Lubben, Reprint 2013200HCBook is very good, wear to dust jacket
Magnum Stories, Paperback, 201340SCGood, wear to dust jacket
Michael Lesy, Dreamland America at the Dawn of the Twentieth Century, 199730HCVery Good. Dust Jacket
Mike Brodie, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity, Third Edition, 3000 copies, 2012150HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Montmarte Secret 200240HCVery Good. Dust Jacket
Nan Goldin, Complete Pocket Sized Monograph, 200175HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Paul Kwilecki, Lowly Wise, Book One: Scenes of Religion in and Around Decatour County, Georgia, 199250SCFair, marks on Cover. Pages good. Signed
Peter & Oriel Caine, Paris Then and Now, 200725SCLike New
Photographers, Writers, and the American Scene, Visions of Pasage, First Edition, 200235HCFair – Book is Good lots of wear to dust jacket
Rex Miller, All the Blues Gone,  199645HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Robert Frank, Come Again, First Edition, 2009    
Robert Frank, London/Wales, 2003, First Edition45HCVery Good, Dust Jacket, insert
Robert Frank, The Americans, 200035HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Robert Frank, Valencia, 1952, 2012, First Edition50HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Sandy Lesberg, Violence in Our Time, 197730HCGood
Saul Leiter, Retrospektive60HCVery Good, includes outer case, book is like new
Sebastiao Salgado, Les Enfants de L’Exode, 200045HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
Snapshot Painters and Photography Bounard to Vuillard, 2011125HCVery Good. Dust Jacket
Stephane Gizard, Paris Silence, 202050HCVery Good
Street Photography Now, Sophie Howarth & Stephen McLauren, 201020SCGood. Opening crease on cover
Susan Meisalas, Mediations, 201875HCLike New. Signed 2018
Susan Meiselas, Nicaragua, 198125SCFair
The Book of Shadows, Ed. Jeffrey Fraenkel, 200725HCVery Good
The Mexican Suitcase150SCWith cardboard case. Case is beat. Books like new
The Photographs of Ray K Mitzker, 2012500HCLike New
Tim Page, Another Vietnam, Pictures of War From the Other Side, 200225HCGood, wear to dust jacket, Library copy
Trent parke, Minutes To Midnight, 2013, First Edition250HCVery Good
Vivian Maier, Street Photographer, Edited by John Maloof, 2011, First Edition75HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Walker Evans, American Photographs, The Museum of Modern Art, 75th Anniversary Edition, 2012 (Fourth Printing)25HCLike New
William Klein, Paris & Klein, 200375HCBook is very good, wear to dust jacket
William Klein: ABC65HCBook is very good, wear to dust jacket
Wisconsin Death Trap, Michael Lesy, 197320SCGoodSome bending of cover and initial pages

The books below are ones that I am happy to give away if they are wanted and you are willing to pay the postage.

A World History of Photograqphy, Third Eidtion, Naomi Rosenblum, 1997SC Good
Alberto Garcia-Alix, Disparos en la Oscuridad, Second Edition, 2004SCFair. Stains on pages and dirt on cover. In spanish
Dive Dark, Dream Slow, Melissa Catanese, 2012HCFair. Crease mark on cover. Pages are like new
Family, Photographers Photograph Their Families, compiled by Sophia Spencer-Wood, Phaidon, 2005HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Grave Matters, Mak C Taylor and Dietrich Christian Lammerts, 2002SCGood wear to cover
In Focus National Geographic Greatest Portraits, 2004HCLike New. Dust Jacket
Local Heroes Changing America Indivisible, 2000HCVery Good, Dust Jacket
Objectif Paris 2, 2005HCVery Good 
Paul Strand, Masters of Photograqphy, Aperture, UnopenedSCLike new still in shrink wrap
Photography, Past Forward Aperture at 50, 2002SCFair
Seeing Jazz Artists and Writers on Jazz, 1997SCFair, marks on Cover. Pages good. 
The Eiffel Tower, A Photographic Survery by Lucien Herve, 2003HCVery Good , some wear to dust jacket
The Photographer’s Eye, John Szarkowski, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 4th Print, 2009SCGood, Slight wear to cover
Weegee, Aperture, 1978HCGood Condition. Slight wear to corner, top

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