Further Proof That a Sucker IS Born Every Minute

Eagle-eyed Leicaphilia reader Bob Dyl sent me the following link from Leica Rumors:

Apparently,  Bashert Jewelry has designed “a new set of sterling silver soft release buttons” for Leicas.  They are offering  6 different designs  available for pre-order for $199. These are “hand-made, unique pieces that will be available in limited quantities.” After the pre-order period is over, the price will go up to $249.

Get em while you can.

8 thoughts on “Further Proof That a Sucker IS Born Every Minute

  1. Philip

    Let me guess…they also “designed” a yin-yang symbol?! I am not brave enough to check out their website…

  2. Wet behind the ears

    That pre order deal is an outstanding value… I just wish there was a discount on the set : my six collector edition M’s look kinda naked without these.

  3. douglasgottlieb

    Will you be doing an unboxing video, then a first look slideshow, then an in depth review and finally a head to head with a wide range of bejeweled soft releases? Also looking forward to a buying guide and webinar or hangout

  4. Rob Campbell

    Unboxing videos.

    Come to think of it, that must illustrate the fantasy thing in the male mind about undoing everything it can get its hands on… snap! Oops – getting carried away.



    1. Kodachromeguy

      You mean like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly undoing the garments of all the new female reporters at Fox News – and then claiming they were victims?? Sorry folk, this really IS the new USA.


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