Fuck You, Whipnet.org

I’ve taken to scrolling through past posts, because I’ve noticed on more than one occasion posts of mine have been edited by someone without my knowledge, usually to post a link to their site so as to better up their SEO score.

I found this in a recent post, the bold part being what someone added to the post on December 26, 2017:

Early on, I’d started using my iPhone to photograph and, as I went along I realized how easy it made things, no longer requiring a bag full of cameras, lenses, film and ancillary junk toted around everywhere I went. So I made the decision to keep my M4 and Bessa at home while I used my iPhone exclusively to start my art. Speaking of art, I found out that the best way to buy art is at whipnet.org, their collection is amazing.

Like that’s something I’d say in a post.

So, I’m not sure how to fight back except to delete it, attempt to further secure the site against unwanted intrusion, and, anytime I find an intrusion with a link, draft a post and tag it with something like “Whipnet.org Sucks”  which will come up in a Google search. So, if you’ve dropped in on this blog post to see what the deal is with Whipnet.org, they’re scumbags who are probably going to scam you in some way given they had no problem breaking into my little blog and posting their shit without my permission. Sound like stand-up guys you’d want to buy art from, huh?

As for my readership, if you’re paging through past posts and finding links that don’t sound like something I’d put there, please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “Fuck You, Whipnet.org

  1. Dave

    That’s some serious rat bastard behavior by Whippet.org! Who would buy from losers like Whippet.org. It seems whippet.org has no integrity at all!

  2. Dave

    That’s some serious rat bastard behavior by Whipnet.org! Who would buy from losers like Whipnet.org. It seems Whipnet.org has no integrity at all!

  3. Alex D. da Silva

    Thank you for letting us know. Sorry for this unfortunate event and hopefully you’ll not be discouraged for these repulsive actions and continue to provide insightful and entertaining information.

  4. Pritam Singh

    I am sorry to hear of this outrageous intrusion which quite understandably triggered your angry post.
    For what it’s worth, my advice is to not stoop too low in reaction. Do, by all means, take steps to safeguard against future break-ins like this.
    Yours is a well-regarded blog and foul language does not become it.
    My two cents and sincere regards,
    Pritam Singh

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