Given and Stolen: The Photography of Igor Vereshchagin

This, from a reader of the blog, Igor Vereshchagin, a photographer in Moscow. Interesting photography, the clip itself thoughtful and well put together.

Mr. Vereshchagin happens to be purchasing my black M4. Can’t think of a better person to send it to.

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3 thoughts on “Given and Stolen: The Photography of Igor Vereshchagin

  1. Eric de montigny

    Just as i was considering selling my m4 and m4-p to afford this purchase.
    Anyway seems to be a good home.
    My russian’s a bit rusty but the documentary looks interesting.

  2. Rob Campbell

    Thanks for posting the clip.

    Black and white prints do it for me… How I wish my HP B 9180 was still supported! But, seriously, it does a sterling job stopping the desk moving anywhere. Just the occasional dusting and voilà, a perfect example of arrested functionality.



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