Happy Holidays

A quick note wishing everyone an enjoyable holiday spent with those you love.

I’ve been writing this blog now for 4 years or so, and in that time I’ve had the pleasure to speak to many of you through the site. I’ve also met a few of you along the way, and I’ve sold some gear here and there, and I can honestly say I’ve not had an unpleasant interaction in any of it, even when we disagree.

Readers has been invariably thoughtful and kind, have helped keep the site going by submitting thoughtful content, and many have taught me things I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Thank you to all for following Leicaphilia. I intend to keep it chugging along for a while yet, unless I completely run out of things to say or just one day wake up and kill it. Hopefully I’ll not become boringly repetitious; if I do, please let me know, one friend to another.

And keep submitting things you’d like to see published on the site.



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8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Appreciate all your input here over the years, Rob. I’ve learned a lot from you. It’s people like you, with an incredible history and much experience, that can teach all of us. Cheers

  1. Finny

    Best photoblog I know, so please keep on the next year!
    Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and שנה טובה

  2. Rob Campbell

    Now you’ve got me blushing!

    Just don’t dump your site: I love your writing style and there really seems to be precious little else out there on the Internet, photography-related, that doesn’t depend on shifting equipment from store to customer. That can be of passing interest if one intends to buy something new, but otherwise, pointless. Photography isn’t all about cameras, it’s also about people and their pictures, and if not, then I think it should be called something else.

    I don’t know if an interest in photography makes us artists or not – it doesn’t really matter very much. What does matter a lot is that it opens a door to another form of exploration, as much of ourselves as of our world. There’s not really a lot of time to think about that when working in the business, but once we are out to pasture, then yes, there is ample opportunity to wonder about where we’ve been during our lives and why we went there. It can be quite revealing of ourselves.

    As revealing, perhaps, is the truth behind our reasons for admiring certain photographers but not others equally competent. People should ask themselves about that some idle moment! Perhaps we all need therapy. I’ve started to watch the Sopranos series – didn’t watch it when it came out, but I really do like the shrink! Anybody know why a shrink is called a shrink? Not a trap: I simply have no idea why it should be.

    Ciao –


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