4 thoughts on “Marcel Proust on Time

  1. Rob Campbell

    Tim –

    I did pen a response, but it did not fly on the first posting click, so I then attempted a second bite at it, which caused the entire response to vanish into the void, never to be seen again.

    I’ve lost posts this way before, not just here, and swore long ago to write them first, and then copy and paste… I think I’ve remembered to do that about twice at the most. Sorry. I don’t have either the memory or the spirit to rehash, which never works for me at the best of times. ;-(

  2. Rob Campbell

    I suppose Marcel never had the joy of watching his ponytail get thinner every time he had a shower and tied it back into a tail again, afterwards. The hair, not the shower. Maybe they named the awful hairstyle after him?

    But hey, no reason why he couldn’t enjoy the occasional throwaway quip every now and again.

  3. Peter Simonsson

    Yes, Time — what a strange experience, in later part of life

    I have been reading your blog backwards for some weeks, with the greatest joy, admiration and humility. I love your thoughts on life, photography and more. I also have great pleasure reading all the entertaining and well expressed comments from many of your followers. I’ve reached to one of your posts in the middle of 2018, and look forward reading all the way back to the beginning.

    I totally agree with the opinion that Leicaphilia is the No 1 out there!

    Thank you!

    Peter S
    Malmoe, Sweden

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