New Unused Leica M6 TTL, In Box

Shenikon Camera in Hong Kong are selling a bunch of “Brand New, Unused in Box” Leica’s on Ebay. They’re offering the M6 TTL and M7’s in both black and chrome. M6’s are $2199 and M7’s $2899, shipping from Hong Kong $50. From the looks of it, the seller is legit, with a long history on Ebay.

While I have no interest in the M7, that’s a pretty good deal for a NIB M6TTL. I contacted the seller to confirm this wasn’t a typical ‘nice camera + nice box = NEW!’ Ebay hustle and they responded:

Thanks for your enquiry. Our stock are brand new, unused and unopened in original box. It comes with original presentation box and shoulder strap. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Terry Shen
CEO, Shenikon Camera

3 thoughts on “New Unused Leica M6 TTL, In Box

  1. eric de montigny

    First from what i recall from my mandarin course, shenikon-camera would mean being nikon camera so it’s not that awkward for a start but almost everything they sell is brand new in box. On top of that they sell everything you can think of even nike trainer…. i would use these to run away from that offer. too good to be true in my book. (should i had “without prejudice”)

  2. George Feucht

    This would be So Damn Tempting if an M6 “Classic” in OK shape wasn’t frequently found for $1200ish. I’m sure there are those who will get their money’s worth in the satisfaction that they are the only users ever of an M6… but it’s a light proof box that holds a lens. Buy it used for a modest sum.

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