20 thoughts on “This Guy Totally Gets It

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      You’re misunderstanding me. I LIKE the kid. I like what he says and how he says it. He seems like a really intelligent kid who is pimping Leicas for all the right reasons, reasons that he articulates quite well. See the title of the post if you have any questions.

      1. stephen

        I thought you were being facetious, i’m glad you weren’t dismissing him–as you did to the guy with the trains.

        1. Leicaphila Post author

          This kid is the antidote to the guy with the trains. He gets the history and respects it, in fact, it motivated him to shoot Leica (as I’m sure it did many of us). He has a very refreshing way of stating traditional truths brought into the digital age. He’s very impressive and gives me hope that not every one of his generation has completely lost the plot.
          The production values of his videos are excellent as well. Obviously, just a really sharp kid.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      As for you, I have no idea what you mean by this, but it did make me chortle.

  1. Keith Laban

    The only reason I used Leica M series cameras was because at the time they met my needs.

    The history of the cameras and that of the photographers who used them in the past was in no way a consideration. They were tools, pure and simple, in every sense. But for eyesight problems I’d be continuing to use them into the foreseeable future.

    Shit happens, things change, new challenges re-energise.

  2. Lee Rust

    Yes, this is the next generation. Let’s hope that there are enough of them to keep Leica Camera in business.

  3. Pieter

    I certainly hope you are being facetious. I could barely make it half-way thought the video, trying to find some redeeming value in all his BS.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      I disagree. I see a guy articulating why a millennial kid might understand the value of photography as a tool to document things and why a Leica might be a good tool for that in addition to being a cool thing in its own right, the product of a certain design philosophy that he admires and that he traces back to the beginning of the brand. What I also like is how qualified he is in his claims; he’s not claiming his way is the right way or the only way, he’s just explaining why he feels the way he does about Leicas and their use. He obviously gets joy out of his use of his Q and he can articulate the reasons why. That kid can write for me any time he wants.

        1. Leicaphila Post author

          Possible. I’ve always wondered why Leica hasn’t sent me a camera. I am totally open to being wooed by Leica. Hell, they send me an M10 I’m pretty certain I will completely fall in love with it and write glowing reviews. Send along an APO Summicron and I’ll go nuts for the bokeh. They’re missing a great opportunity.

  4. Barce

    Yup, this guy gets it. The Fuji X-Pro2 comes closest to having, as that YouTuber says, “the same design language,” as Leica.

  5. Wayne

    It is a bit lengthy. But it is well presented.

    I have never understood the desire to explain “why I shoot Leica.” An ongoing discussion- for the benefit of those making a decision- is certainly understandable. My Leica of choice is a IIIA that was converted from a IA. It works. I suspect it will continue to work. I cannot remember ever having a tool, with the possible exception of a hammer or wrench, that exuded reliability so much as my IIIA. Is it perfect? Well, we can all see where the pursuit of perfection has lead us.

  6. Rob Campbell

    The young man’s running a little show of his own. Why not? Whether or not he speaks from a script or his own prompts, he comes across as not too professionally polished, as sincere, and why should he not enjoy his Leica and its company history? Nobody is forced to listen, and those who do do so because he engages with them. What’s to dislike?

    For those who have not had the experience, they should try listening and watching some of the older guys running photography sites. Some almost lick the boots of those Leica officials who have allowed them into the inner sanctums of the firm to do what – just another visual hagiography.

    I wish I was his age again and able to afford Leicas! However, in my heart of hearts I know rangefinders are not my first choice. Funny thing, the mind… makes you desire things you know are not always in your best interests.

  7. Finny

    First of all: English is not my mother tongue, so I can’t express myself as clearly as I would like to…
    When I had read the headline, I spontaneously thought “now someone is being taken down again, because he likes to photograph with Leica”. So I watched the video, and the longer I watched, the more I had to admit: the boy is absolutely right!
    If I assume that all cameras are so good these days that they are 100% sufficient for our / my purposes, what reason should I have to photograph with camera x or y? Right, because I enjoy carrying this particular camera around and working with it. Because it inspires me to “put a smile on my face”. But certainly not because in 100% view 2-3 pixels are better than with another camera.
    The boy presents his views calmly, clearly, structured, completely comprehensible to me. I believe him and believe him.
    For me it’s quite clear: good contribution, well presented, beautifully subjective and no hype about great camera performance or “great pictures only with this camera”. The camera polarizes, so should it, and when I buy the Leica Q, it’s precisely because of all these subjective qualities that are mentioned here.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Firsthandaccount

    Thank you so much for the share and the kind words everybody! I just released a new video today going over how I edit my Leica Q photos in BNW if anyone is interested! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, liked, and commented. It means the world!

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Hey Kid: write something for all us old guys and I’ll publish it. Free exposure.

  9. David.

    He’s a child talking unstoppable drivel.

    He doesn’t “..Totally Get It”. He simply cannot stop talking. He’s a child talking to other children. I don’t think it’s photography that he’s interested in, so much as talking about photography. Or just talking. It’s self-promotion, and it’s superficial.

    He has a clean, washed-out style of photography which looks refreshing and rather distant. You seem to have been seduced by his liking the ‘design’ of the L-brand. He goes on and on and on about ‘design’. He takes photos, but he’s obsessed with ‘design’. Er, that’s it.

    (Does he pay for, or acknowledge, I wonder, the background music which supports this non-stop chatter? Perhaps he assumes entitlement to use someone else’s work to make his videos seem more accomplished. It’s never mentioned.)

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