Why Leicaphilia Has “Gone Dark”

Posh Spice

Leicaphilia is not dead. Haven’t sold off all my Leicas. Intend to be back shortly.

To make a long story short, technical issues with WordPress wiped out all my pending draft posts and have prevented me from drafting new ones.

Given I’m a total Luddite, my first response has been to ignore it and hope it fixes itself. Unfortunately, this has not worked.

So, I’m attempting to fix the issue, meanwhile engaged in a heroic effort to develop 200+ rolls of HP5 that have been accumulating.

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11 thoughts on “Why Leicaphilia Has “Gone Dark”

  1. Stephen

    It all seems to have happened as you enabled comments?

    Good to see you back…

    And yes, we do need a decent negative scanning device to be brought to market… The Hasselblad needs some competition.

  2. Mikael

    Hello – glad to hear you are well and its only technical problems.

    I have for a long time been reading all your postings and I love your views on everything Leica/film cameras and especially your “user” angle as opposed to all the collector views.

    Ever since I was 12 twelve years old, more than 40 years ago when my dad lend me his M2, I have been using a Leica as a tool and still loving it. Been tempted many times by other seemingly “easier to use” cameras but have always returned to a Leica as the best tool for creating really worthwhile images (for me).

    Hope to see many more of your well written postings.

    Best regards

    Mikael from Denmark

  3. Logan Egbert

    This is why WordPress sucks.

    Static sites are a much better way forward and you can get hosting for free through github pages.

    If you don’t know Markdown for writing posts, you can find WYSWIG options.

  4. dominic

    a definite surprise, gasp of relief, and a sincere smile was made seeing a post (no matter how long or short) showed up. nice to see you back, tim!

  5. Tadeas

    Good! I was short on my favorite read during work breaks!

    I also sended You an article about my experience with Leica photography 😉

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