Woo Hoo! Comments Now Enabled


In future posts I’m thinking I might enable comments on a trial basis and see how that goes.

When I started the blog I made a conscious decision not to have a comments section, in the first place because most comments sections are a complete waste of time, usually filled with various inanities that a blogger can either ignore, or, taking the bait, respond to, in effect getting down in the mud with the commentator. I will not do that, keeping in mind the old adage that one should never wrestle a pig because bystanders often won’t be able to tell who is who. Of course, I’ll reserve the right to respond if I feel like it, or, better yet, refuse to even allow your response to see the light of day if 1) you’re an idiot, or 2) you’ve proved I’m an idiot.

Until a little while ago, I didn’t even have any contact information on the site, mainly because I just wanted to be some anonymous guy without engaging with anyone else who might think differently or point out I’m wrong, because, frankly, I’m a total contrarian and most everything I say will probable offend someone somewhere. Plus, I’m pretty bad at social niceties, especially on an impersonal medium like the web, where what we say doesn’t get put into context with facial expressions and other visible cues. Then at some point I (reluctantly) listed an email address readers could contact me at, but buried it sufficiently that you’d have to look to find it, hoping that would weed out folks who want to discuss bokeh or aspherical elements, or the best bag to go with their Lenny Kravitz Leica. And now I get a fairly steady stream of emails from folks, all of it very nice and usually thoughtful and well-articulated, a lot of it from people who clearly know a lot of things about Leica much better than I do. Maybe a comments feature might add something to the site.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! Comments Now Enabled

  1. chrism

    I hope this works out well for you, but I will understand if the comments become a burden if you have to moderate them. Perhaps the kind of readers who prefer analogue Leicas will be able to keep it polite!
    Thanks for all the blog posts so far, and keep them coming if you can: they are thoughtful and entertaining.


  2. Emilio Rodriguez

    I love this site very much, as a practicioner of b & w film photography and as a reader of your reflections on the subject, please keep it alive, is very much apreciated. Thanks.

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