Capturing the Moment

Pinhole Camera Photo (Unmanipulated), Luxembourg Gardens, Paris 2003

“Does time ever stand still? The years that have come exist no more; those that are to come have no existence yet. Past years have already slipped away, and future years will slip away in their turn. The same is true of a single day.” – Augustine

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3 thoughts on “Capturing the Moment

  1. Éric de Montigny

    Tempus fugit. The present, the now is all we have. On a brighter note, is this Alfred Hitchcock granting you a cameo on the left.

    1. Rob Campbell


      I’m not that sure anymore. When I was younger I didn’t pay much mind to the passing of time, the concern being more about earning a reasonable living. Small things were often of exaggerated importance, and the bigger picture far too big to contemplate.

      That bigger picture was, for me, ever in the lap of the gods, and sometimes they were good to me and at others, downright mean. Or so I thought. Later on, I came to realise that much of life’s pathway depends entirely upon whence you begin your trip. That realisation made me understand that success has all sorts of levels to it, mostly dependent on that point of departure, few of us being equipped to rise above our roots, become the towering poppy and change the course of the entire world.

      Considering all of these things – and obviously more of them and at some deeper level than I’m willing to delve here – my general impression, now, so much later in life, is that certainty is a very suspect emotion, and not to be relied upon. That being so, I can no longer just accept that life and existence are no more than what lies under one’s nose: that’s turning out to have been far too simplistic a take. Opiate of the masses, perhaps, but I feel more strongly than ever that there is something else to us, something far greater than what we have already discovered.

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