Cartier-Bresson’s LTM Summicron Sold at Auction

hcbsummicronHCB’s LTM Summicron

WestLicht  Auctions just auctioned off Cartier-Bresson’s 35mm Summicron, shown above.

“Unique lens used by Henri Cartier-Bresson with his black paint IIIg camera: the black paint 8-element lens (with very clean optics) was transformed from the original M-mount lens (0.7m, red plastic dot) on special order by removing the bayonet ring. Also the focus-tab was modified by removing the infinity lock and an extended lever was built-in. The lens has the same index dots made with nail gloss as the famous 2/5cm black paint collapsible Summicron used by HCB. It comes with both caps and a confirmation of authenticity by Lars Netopil from April 2015.”

Final Hammer price: 38,400 euros

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3 thoughts on “Cartier-Bresson’s LTM Summicron Sold at Auction

    1. corsicanspy

      Hey folks, I got the same 35 summicron , “Canada” too, but it ordinary fils on my M6.
      Well, if some nut guy want it, go for 56 000 euros. So I could buy a 50 aspheric summ, and ask Leitz to change the mount for a LTM one, and put it on my first Leica IIIa.
      Et alors? Cartier Bresson est mort, mais moi j ai
      encore besoin d argent.
      So what? Cartier bresson died, but I should need some money for a while.

  1. Wayne

    There are auction results that astound….even dismay. This is not one of them. If I were seated in a position to have disposable cash to pay this price, for this lens, I would have jumped. I mean, not only do you get a piece of HCB, you get a really neat lens to use on your Barnacks; that is exactly what I would do with it.

    Looking at the prices on rare, old LTM lenses, you have to wonder how much money would be in it if Leica started offering M-to-LTM conversion service. I would send my 35 Summilux as fast as I could get it packaged up.

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