Could This be the Worst Leica Youtube Video Ever?

As this blog proves, any idiot can claim to be an expert on about anything. It never ceases to amaze me the folks who contact me, expecting me to know some arcane matter about Leica cameras. It’s flattering, no doubt, but I’m just a guy with some free time who decided to fill it up by writing about something I love – Leica film cameras. That doesn’t mean I know much of anything about them. It just means I’ve got a dial-up connection, a WordPress account and too much time on my hands.

Apparently this guy does too.

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16 thoughts on “Could This be the Worst Leica Youtube Video Ever?

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      I actually don’t mind Eric Kim. He’ll admit to being a noob while still being informative. It is fun however, to watch him “discover” “new” photographers who’ve been around for 50 years, but then again, every new generation has to start somewhere.


    Hahaa, funny. I noticed this bloger because of the name “Leica Review”, but after watching one of his blog, I was amazed – in the same way.

  2. Andrew

    You should see this guy’s Noctilux review. I’ve never heard anyone talk so slowly and then repeat himself.

  3. Robin Yuill

    I like the content on your site and have to agree about this guys reviews…… not good. Music and his comments are poor to say the least. Keep up the site work, thanks.

  4. Dan

    His comparison video between the 50mm APO Cron and the Zeiss 1.5 Sonnar puts me to sleep. No seriously… I put it on if I have trouble going to sleep. Works every time.

  5. eric de montigny

    I usually stay clear of anything négative but this guy is a special case.
    The question being what public is it intended for.
    If you look at the comments on youtube, apart those sarcastic you have part of the answer.

  6. Curious Lizard

    I’ve wanted a couple of his videos, Leica, classical music, fancy clothing, all that’s missing is a brandy snifter. They are painful to watch but then again he is kinda cute.

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