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  1. Again? Why?

    Jeeze – I just love this stuff, for the same “reason” I love a lot of other shots by somewhat more generally known shooters.
    Which is to say, I doubt there’s really any necessary or relevant explanation from either the viewer’s or shooters shoes, just the connection we find in great B&W still images.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Thanks. It’s mystery why simple photos can be so enjoyable to look at. I find myself spending a lot of time just doing that. Maybe it’s just simple visual delight

      1. Rob Campbell

        Apart from my meds, looking at photos every night until I feel drowsy enough for bed is what gets me through the day. That’s an exaggeration – there’s a third factor: I have to get food from the shops and then cook it. That knocks out a few hours too, along with the prescribed hours of walking round the patio, which I guess must be a fourth factor.

        But sans the snaps… the madhouse.

        1. Dan Newell

          Time for a Go Fund Me drive for a book. I would recommend the drive be called Help Rob Make a Book Before He Goes Totally Nuts.

          Worked for Koudelka’s movie……

  2. Daniel Castelli

    What is it about Edinburgh? I’ve seen a few postings here ‘n there by photographers working in Edinburgh and when the pic are shot in sunlight, there is a crispness and contrast to them. I don’t think there is a secret society of Scottish photographers that signed a blood oath to print all their b&w work the same (well, there might be, who knows? Secret Jewish Space Lasers…)
    Is it the latitude? The water the film is developed in? The whisky? Whatever it is, the photos are remarkable.
    It just looks like a cool city .

    1. Leicaphila Post author


      Interesting you mentioned this. For some reason, the light in Edinburgh is perfect for good street photography. It’s low and very strong, creating deep shadows and bright highlights. Couple that with the main commercial street – Princess Street – runs east/west, which gives great shadows in the late afternoon, and a lo of interesting shop signage etc.

      All the photos I’ve posted were taken in about a 2 hour period in one day.

    2. Rob Campbell

      Cool? Being stuck on the eastern coast, it generally is, much more so than on the sea current heated western side. 🙂

      That said, my existing family members in Glasgow all think Edinburgh a better place in which to be than Glasgow. Problem is, housing is more expensive. I suppose having all those politicians and bankers there is a bit of a downer, though.

  3. Hank

    Love these.
    It reminds me of a street series I did a while ago, where I tried to focus solely on forms and body language. So I assembled a series where no one was recognizable, and nearly everyone had their heads cut off in the frame. I thought it was an interesting study of shapes and form, a sort of “street ballet”.
    I sent it, on a lark, to a competition which also included a “free” portfolio consultation from an “expert” judge. I had never entered anything like this before, so I was curious.
    The result? Well, I didn’t win anything (no surprise) and my portfolio review was along the lines of “too many heads cut off, need to work on composition”. Too funny.

    Street photography has a lot of rules. Who knew?

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      The result? Well, I didn’t win anything (no surprise) and my portfolio review was along the lines of “too many heads cut off, need to work on composition”. Too funny.


    2. Rob Campbell

      Oh yes, it’s a precise science.

      You have to know all about – and also understand – the rule of thirds (in both dimensions) and on rare, confrontational occasions, you also require a firm grounding on the golden mean.

      No arbitrary nonsense allowed in street, you know; standards need to be preserved or chaos would come out of the shadows and then where would we be?.

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