4 thoughts on “Highlands by Car

  1. Rob Campbell

    And that’s why I want an ever distant Q2 Mono.

    Grain I can make, but the ability to eat that cake and also eat it is such a tease.

    I lived in Glasgow for what, about twenty-seven years, on and off, and the not too distant and beautiful Loch Lomond I saw as beautiful three times: twice in sunlight and once in fog. The norm is what you caught in your mountain pics. Who knows – I may be back in the region again some time I know not when.

  2. Peter Wright

    As a Scottish Canadian who spent approximately the first 30 years of my life in Edinburgh, I really liked these two posts. Really good insights to the place and time (and weather), and the avoidance of the typical tourist shots. Great!

    1. Rob Campbell

      Do you ever miss Edinburgh, Peter?

      Not a trick question, just curious because you left old enough to have a pretty good idea of what was being left behind when you rolled the dice.

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