4 thoughts on “Leica Makes Better Pictures Easier

  1. StephenJ

    Leica ads from this period were mighty cheesy weren’t they?

    When I were a lad there was a magazine full of undraped ladies and gents. It was called H&E (Health and Efficiency). It was purportedly the club magazine of British naturists, but I think it was more attractive to pubescent boys.

    Anyway, I digress, these fine German women that frequently appear in these old ads might suggest that the purpose of a Leica was to provide such material.

  2. Rob Campbell

    Dreams of photographing women sans clothes have raced through many a photographic mind.

    The denouement comes when you’ve done it for a while and realise that you now get as much buzz from it as does the family doctor looking at yet another set of inverted nipples or an extended pregnancy, and wishing he’d become an architect instead.

    Been there, wished that fashion photography had remained a viable option much longer than it did. For a start, it was easier to come up with something new (to oneself): clothes give you another dimension to work with and can be auite interesting – if the clothes are. If not, I, too, wished wishes of somethkng else.

    Travelling on expenses was often the best part.


  3. LASousa

    The ad is true. My Leica has made me a more instinctual photographer in all formats.

    1. Rob Campbell

      That’s interesting; how, if I may ask, did you get to figure that one out?

      I have used many cameras over the years and can make no such statements; the instinct came before I had any camera.

      (I am typing this on the little iPad, but now with image magnified; my typos are causing too many blushes which, at my age, is unseemly.)


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