Leicaphilia Guy Discovers Instagram

Walking Buddy, 1/21/21

As I’ve mentioned previously, in conjunction with my tentative health issues, I’m in the process of reviewing 50 years of photo output, getting things in some sense of order, etc. To that end I’ve decided to start an instagram feed for LEICAPHILIA. I’m intending to post on the feed fairly regularly, a mix of things, like above, just snatched with the phone from daily life and images from my archive as I turn them up.

Consider this an invitation to follow me – LEICAPHILIA. Ask your kids/grandkids about how to do so if you need help.

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12 thoughts on “Leicaphilia Guy Discovers Instagram

    1. Stephen J

      …. and your point is?

      What have supermarkets got to do with choice of blogging platform?

      There is a French photo viewing site called Ipernity, I looked at it a couple of times, they say that anything that you post remains yours. Of course as Rob suggests regarding instagram, they could be lying.

      The other thing about instagram that I am not impressed with is its limited format.
      Both Keith and Rob here, host their own websites for pictures… Is that not also an option Tim…

      … Leicaphilia Illustrated @ WordPress.org for instance?

        1. Stephen J

          Sorry Keith, I must be a bit thick, some here might probably agree… I sensed that it was a joke, but it doesn’t scan for me… Never mind.

          BTW some top pics on your website! Great that you don’t give up ownership too.

          My problem with all those social media platforms is that I am the product, anything I put there may be used as evidence against me (so to speak), the rest will be sold to marketers of some type.

          I have always used RSS and saw no reason to change, even when Google abandoned its Reader app, I found Feedly. I suspect that the nature of my syndications (about 90% film photography) gives Feedly some information to flog, but nothing like the big ones.

          Before I retired, I used to work in direct marketing, so forewarned is forearmed.

          1. Keith Laban

            Stephen, thanks for those kind words.

            20 years ago I didn’t have a clue what html was or how to go about creating a website, but had design skills. At the time there was increasing interest in my work and demand for image licensing and prints.

            I obtained an old copy of Dreamweaver together with an idiots guide and set to. A steep learning curve and much work ensued as did the interest and orders served by a simple e-commerce solution.

            I still maintain and add to the site regularly: it has become my portfolio and legacy. Would I recommend such an approach now, well no, I’d start with a third party template, but it was a means of creating a bespoke site, built from the ground up and was and still is an expression and extension of my work as a photographer.

            And I still chase major copyright infringements!

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