10 thoughts on “Making a Leica M10

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      I’d happily use it, Stephen. I do like the slimmer form. The M10 seems to be the digital Leica I’ve been waiting for. All it needs is a winder…

      1. Andrew

        Then you need the M10-D. The winder is fake (just a thumb support), but it does look and feel the part.

  1. Rob Campbell

    They speak about “passion” – didn’t see much of that – rather was it a demo of humans as robot! However, it did disprove the myth of the absolute need in camera manufacture for Japanese ladies with tiny hands.

    That said, I wouldn’t return the unopened box to Santa.


    1. StephenJ

      The M10D has got a nice winder, it doesn’t wind anything, but Mike Evans and Ivor Cooper make a good case for it being there, see the British camera shop run by Ivor at RedDotCameras dot co dot uk.

      Oh and felicitations to all.

  2. Keith Laban

    I briefly thought about trading/selling my two M240 cameras for two M10 but that would’ve ended up costing me about £8,000 and in reality would see little if any gain. If I had that kind of money to spend then I’d rather buy lenses.

    Seasons greetings to all.


    1. Andrew

      THe M10 sensor is better than the M240 sensor. Of course the M240 sensor was already far more than good enough. I kind of like being off the upgrade hamster wheel.

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