Matter Entombed in Form

Can you imagine the pain, the dull imprisoned suffering, hewn into the matter of that dummy which does not know why it must be what it is, why it must remain in a forcibly imposed form which is no more than a parody? —Bruno Schulz, The Street of Crocodiles

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9 thoughts on “Matter Entombed in Form

  1. Gavin

    What is pain and suffering? Is it only possible in consciousness? For a conscious being it isn’t possible to imagine a consciousness-less state but it doesn’t seem to be the case that matter cares what form it takes (why should it?) and feeling imprisoned only makes sense in the context of having a will to move or be otherwise that is thwarted. For a mannequin, or a rock or a drop of water in the sea perhaps being the mannequin is what it is ‘for’ and therefore it is perfectly content. At the quantum level there is no being imprisoned in form but more of a Heracletian flux of possibility. And what of the image of the Tim that is photographing himself and the mannequin?Does the image feel imprisoned in form? Let’s hope not.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Ah yes, Gavin. Why should we not think that ALL matter is endowed with consciousness….and everything wants a black paint MP.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Cmon Dan. Open your mind. There’s more things in heaven and earth than comtemplated by our philosophes, as Shakespeare said something to that effect. You don’t need LSD to contemplate that.

      1. Dan Newell

        True enough. Speaking of philosophies…..John McGuinness talking to Joey Dunlop at the IOM

        McGuiness- I’m having a time getting through Barregarrow, it feels like I’m losing the front on entry and then it’s wobbling all through it and damn near a tank slapper on the way out.

        Dunlop- Grit yer teeth. And don’t shut off.

        1. Leicaphila Post author

          Just, when you’re gritting your teeth, don’t get a death grip on the bars that’s going to give you one hell of a tank slapper

    1. Dan Newell

      Alright if you must.
      I’ll take a 275 GTB quad cam. Or a Lusso (62-64). Whatever you can get is fine.
      Oh, if you can get either in Rosso Corsa or Blue Roma, on the Lusso particularly. that would be great.

      If they are too much I’ll take a Derby Bentley.


  2. Rob Campbell

    Here’s a journo who owns several – on and off – and seems to know quite a lot about ‘em. He worked in the film industry for a while, so his videos at least get the exposure right. 😉

    I hope you guys in the States manage to avoid the worst of the weather bomb. Minus 45 degrees sounds like murder. And to think I thought that my bathroom was cold!

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