7 thoughts on “New…or Used?

  1. Dan Castelli

    Too funny. They were predicting the bizarre state of used Leica’s even before they knew they were. Maybe they foresaw the creation of eBay.

  2. Tadeas

    Not really… I got new Leica M-A for my 30th birthday, to lift the burden from my 2 well used M2 bodies. I got the M-A in autumn of 2018 and from that point on it has been a never-ending cycle of frustration…

    First, the rangefinder was waaaaaaay off at infinity out of the box. So off to Wetzlar it went. It returned with slightly vertical misalignment… I shot 3 films in London and behold – the camera had a light leak… So off to warranty repair it went again.

    The camera is now back for a week, but yet I haven´t found the moral strength to go shoot it to be disappointed yet again…

  3. Dan Castelli

    Maybe it was London and not your camera? But, remember…in for a dime, in for a dollar. Go out & shoot!

    1. Tadeas

      Well, the problem manifested even on test negative I shot at home. 😛 I had to shoot one factory roll, as otherwise people in Wetzlar would tell me, the fault is in bulk loaded film…

      1. Leicaphila Post author

        [Shakes Head]. You paid how much for that MA? And Wetzlar treats you like you’re the problem? Shameful. I know one thing…I’d NEVER buy a new Leica again. Used is the only option. Not willing to be a free beta-tester for Leica as part of the deal.

        Actually, the best Leica’s made these days are Fuji’s.

        1. Tadeas

          So little update – I borrowed my friends 28/2.8 Elmarit Asph. to test the M-A which returned from Wetzlar, after “repair”. And guess what?

          The light leak is still there!

          So I basically have fancy 4000 euro peperweight… Nothing more, nothing less…

          I think is beyong shameful for Leica. But I guess poping out Lenny Kravitzes editions and cooperating with Huawei is all more important than the 10 people on the globe who want to use Leica to do actual photography…

  4. Rob Campbell

    That’s the trouble with buying new camera these days: you are now an unwitting part of the final inspection team. It’s the modern way: saves the companies money when enthusiastic buyers are willing to do it for them.

    Paying for a couple of return postage runs is chicken feed when compared with paying engineers’ salaries.

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