22 thoughts on “Further Proof That the Apocalypse is Upon Us

  1. SW

    Just goes to show you that a life committed to developing a personal vision, hard work, hard-won devotion to craft, an innate understanding of equipment, people, timing, and hours of travel to be a the right place at the right time are no match for internet-click bait!

  2. Finny

    “This from Google Search. One of these isn’t like the others. Can you guess which one?”
    ??? …. mhhhh… Barnack? Koudelka? or… Cartier-Bresson? You know, it’s really to hard; a tricky intelligence test; tststs…

  3. StephenJ

    Following on from Nick, sometime ago, I changed my default search engine to “duckduckgo” and the same search there misses out the most famous professional Leica vontographer in the vorld.

    Try it.

  4. Jim

    So much for Google’s much touted Artificial Intelligence. Clearly it needs much improvement. Highly Artificial; No Intelligence.

  5. Willem

    That Danish poser is a cr**p. But Jozef Koudelka turned into one of his own images. Must be a nightmare.

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