3 thoughts on “Self-Explanatory

  1. Rob Campbell

    Well, the cat’s obviously not too delighted.

    I’m trying to work out the lighting: the shadows of the legs on the front face of the bed seem relatively stable, but there’s quite a variation on the background. As I don’t think you’d be inclined to be bouncing a flash off the ceiling, does the room have a small skylight that’s giving top lighting? A change of light intensity coming in through the window on the left of the frame would probably account for the differences on the rear contrast ratios…

    Interestingly, the St Ansel waterfall down near the the right front of the bed has run out of steam in the final frame. As the cat’s directly in front of the newly “dry” area, it might have been the milk part of the land of milk and honey which the cat has now consumed. Only in America.

    But hey, the photographs from good street photographers are always loaded with ambiguity.

    A puzzle, then.


  2. Shuya Ohno

    These are great!!! It’s like a short film – the last image and its emotionality really nails it.

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