The Princess and the Leica

I’m not sure why this gives me such satisfaction. The head honcho at Leica mansplains the Leica to Princess Joy Villa, she the now ex of Thorsten [von] Overgaard, way back in 2012 before sane people started picking up on the Overgaard’s weird vibe. The whole thing is cringey in the best sense. What I really like is catching glimpses of TvO to the side while Andreas Kaufman shoots the shit with the Princess, the furtive glances over to the ongoing conversation indicating a thoroughly uncomfortable Overgaard [….”shit, what’s she saying now????…is she talking about me??]

Apparently, shortly after this encounter with these grifters, Leica conveniently dis-invited them to their centtenial celebrations in 2014 and basically ignores them.

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4 thoughts on “The Princess and the Leica

  1. Rob Campbell

    Sorry, but I really couldn’t stay with it: my mind gave up when they both agreed that “it’s a tool”; I’d like to assume they were both (at least, one of them, then) still thinking in terms of tool as camera, but I’m not too certain about that. Look, I have already had two heart attacks and don’t need a third.

    On the bright side, in the sense of a flash of light in the middle of the night: I had extinguished the light beside my bed last night, head just hitting the pillow, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was living right in the middle of a photo-project without having realised it. I was out after breakfast with the D200 and the old manual 2.8/24 Nikkor AIS, using my eyes and thoroughly enjoying the half-remembered (half-forgotten?) experience. I hope this continues for quite a while, and justifies the computer time it’s gonna create. Wow, the skies have just fallen and the rain is lashing down on the exposed part of the verandah: never did manage to catch convincing pix of rain bouncing high on tiles.

    It must be hell depending on social media in order to feel one has an identity. Thank God I never joined twitter or facebook etc., ever. I quite enjoy small-group places such as here, but then I don’t see such sites as social media, even though I suppose that at a very long stretch, and for some, they could be put into similar bags.

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