15 thoughts on “Various Creatures on My Bed

  1. eric d

    Hi Tim, i realy like this serie. Altough the point of view is static we can look at it on different angles. Some words comes to mind, zootherapy for one. Tempus fugit, we see the furniture getting replaced over time. Then there’s the cage that seem to be on your side of the bed…ok i wont digress on this one. But for me the intemporal link is the painting, hanging there like a lascau statement. I think it’s yours. I dont know in color but in bw it is charged symbolicaly, at least for me. Two time plane up and down, two stripe like a diad, a passage between time plane or parallele universe. Maybe the two white ones can be seen like a kitsugi stitches with all the interpretation it can suggest. I’m now revealing myself so i’ll stop there. I’d like to see it in colors.
    I may be all wrong but indeed i liked following these picture in sequence.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Eric. Thank you, glad you like it. It’s a really simple idea, but works on a number of different levels. Yes, there is a sense of change to the series, little things moved or replaced, and Yes, the painting (mine, correct) anchors the whole thing and gives a fixed point amidst the subtle, and not so subtle, changes.

  2. Keith Laban

    Interesting series.

    Quite apart from the images I’m fascinated by people’s rooms, the best say much about their owners: autobiographical, even. God only knows what folk would think of mine!


  3. Dan Castelli

    This is just a real sweet series. I’m not reading anything into them except humor and a bit of mystery. Reminds me of the photos you made on your bike ride.

    Years ago, we hired a great, young math teacher at the high school where I taught. When March 14th was approaching, she tried to drum up some activities for Pi day. I went into the wood shop, and with a couple of woodworking students, we cut the symbol of Pi out of 3×3 foot plywood panels. Made up about 6 of them. Painted them white. Each of my photo kids took out a panel & a 24 exp. roll of B&W film and had to make Pi pics; it took a about 6 weeks for us to complete the project in time for Pi day.

    Like your unchanging elements of the bed & room accessories, the one constant was the Pi symbol in each frame.. My kids had a blast, and the math teacher had a co-curricular activity. I wish I’d kept some of the photos.

  4. Lee Rust

    24 frames. All from the same roll? Same camera? You have many more creatures visiting your bedroom than we do.

  5. Dan Castelli

    Nick, didn’t Duane Michals play with Poison in the 80’s? Or was that Brett Michaels? I can’t remember…

  6. StephenJ

    A variation on the theme “bums on park benches”… 🙂

    Nice little series though, how long did it take to complete, or is it ongoing?

  7. insolublepancake

    Hi Tim! Great stuff ! I would have love to have heard to conversations going on at the exact second you triggered the shutter … Now I am inspired to take coffee-time photographs here always at exactly the same angle…

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