One thought on ““What Camera Should I Take to Lake Titicaca?”

  1. Wayne

    “Even a blind hog finds a nut every so often”

    Beyond being mesmerized by them, I am, truly, a fish out of water when it comes to the wonders of digital age cameras. However, last week, while visiting my favorite camera store to view the jettison, i.e. used film equipment for sale, the area Leica representative showed up with M10 and SL in tow. I had my M7 with me so I was able to do a side-by-side comparison………..The folks at Leica are being to form and are getting very close reducing the digital M to film M size. In hand, it feels closer than what I would have expected from photos comparing the two. I was impressed. I guess Leica has not abandoned the sprit of “light, compact, and ever-ready” they have touted in the past.

    As luck would have it, the store does lease Hasselblad X1D and had one on hand. So I had a chance to experience a physical comparison between Leica SL and X1D My expertise limited me to picking each camera up, taking a quick snap, and viewing, slack-jawed, the brilliance of the images that appeared on the LCDs. Given the size and weight of these monsters, my prevalent thought- walking out of the store: “Maybe it is time to try out a 4×5 camera.”

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