Why Shoot Film?

Sunny 16 2By: Kirsten Ireland. Reprinted from the  Film Foto Forever  blog.

Why shoot film? In a digital world of instant information and communication, there is something very appealing about a medium that requires one to slow down, focus and delay, (thus enhancing) gratification.  There is nothing like shooting a roll of film, then, whether processing yourself, or waiting to receive your results from a lab, viewing the results of what was so carefully crafted.

Professional photographers know and love the image quality of film.  Many professional artists will tell you that there is a quality to film that isn’t easy to, or even impossible to replicate digitally. In a fast paced digital world, there is definitely a need for digital photography within the professional realm, but there will always remain a cherished place, and desire for film as well.  There is a growing embracement of film among creative youths, who are discovering its magic for the first time. With the increasing accessibility of high quality cameras and lenses at affordable prices, it’s easy for anyone to get started with film. This has opened up a thrilling resurgence of creativity and ingenuity within the world of photography.

When photography first came onto the scene in the 1800’s, many people thought it would usher in the death of painting. Why would anyone commission the painting of a family member, or landscape when a photograph could be obtained almost immediately?  Sound familiar?  Instead of the death of painting however, we saw the transformation of it.  Released of its commercial constraints, painting as a medium, was free to venture down yet unseen creative avenues, and it did so with brilliant results.  Film photography is headed in this same direction.  The manipulation of film before, during, and after its exposure is being embraced and explored by today’s artists, with amazing results.

One factor aiding in the transformation of film photography, is the easily accessible volume of different types of cameras and equipment.  Equipment and knowledge that used to often be inaccessible to the beginning photographer are now easily and readily available. With such a broad range of tools within reach, the boundaries of this medium can, and are being pushed.  Film photography is experiencing a transformative rebirth, one that is, and will continue to have a positive impact on the creative world.

So, why shoot film? Because there is a remarkably exiting world out there, one that is incredibly rewarding for those willing to slow down and explore it.

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