Apparently, Sire von Overgaard has now graduated to a Kingship.

Many years ago, while a graduate student at Duke University, I took a seminar  Personology: Method and Personality Assessment and Psychobiography taught by Dr. Irving Alexander, Professor of Psychology at Duke, who has literally written the book on the subject. In short, it’s a method that uses a person’s written output and self-presentation to assess signature like unconscious features of a given person’s personality, fascinating stuff that leaks out of people’s attempts to present a coherent face to the world. Mr. Overgaard is just begging for a Psychobiography, and I may just be the man to do it. Stay tuned.

In any event: 90% Discount! Get whatever it is while it lasts. And, in a spirit of competition, I’m matching his 90% off sale with one of my own. Details here. Use code “IMSTILLGETTING RIPPED OFF” to claim your discount.

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14 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Tadeas Plachy

    Well… I had a big laugh when I see him spamming this in some Leica oriented FB group…

    P.S.: Check your inbox Tim, I sent you an article 😉

  2. lasousa2015

    I have listened to some of his free videos. He is actually quite inciteful. His article on the M240 was of help to me when I purchased the camera. He also volunteered (after I asked via email) to participate in my photography project shooting a Canonet to promote flu vaccination awareness – my daughter passed from the illness. I truly enjoy your blog, but I find it hard to fault Thorsten for making a living in the manner of his choice. His way is certainly not mine, not even close. I would feel very uncomfortable carrying my Rollei 35 in a Hermes bag. But for Thorsten, it works, and there are obviously people who want his form of luxury. Owning a Leica is a statement. For some, it is not a statement it is a commitment and a dedication and a way of seeing through a lens. For others, Leica ownership is akin to driving a Lamborghini to a from the valet port near the windows in a restaurant. Being seen with a Leica is more important than seeing with one. Returning to my point, Thorsten is based from a luxury brand, the Leica, and he is marketing to a small core of Leica owners because the market is there. All the power to him. And by the way, he’s a pretty good photographer!

  3. Jim

    The endless self-promotion is predictable and common with so many so-called internet experts unfortunately. I recalll reading a blog post around 2008/9 by a L.A. photographer who had Leica connections and had shot a pre-production M8 IIRC, who was ripping into someone named Thorsten as a poseur that used him to promote himself in Leica circles. The writer was highly upset. I wish I could find the blog posting.

  4. Nick

    I don’t understand why you keep promoting this dude by talking about him. Leave him with his dreams of “grandeur”. Obviously he has no idea of what nobility is which makes him a clown.

    1. Leicaphila Post author

      Because he amuses me. And it’s my blog, which means I get to write what I want to write about. Simple really.

      1. lasousa2015

        Very true. For everyone in the spotlight, it is open season to criticism especially in this day and age. The difference from you and the midnight keyboard bashers is you are up-front about it and sign your name to it without reservation, and your positions are based on passion and the facts as you see them. Too much bashing is based on misinformation and unfounded bias today. I try to have a “kinder, gentler” approach – the bashing of others (public and private figures) is so rampant smears my karma! I truly understand your angst, as I stated in my own post I don’t live a life in photography that Thorsten does, not do I aspire one. The ability and determination to build a brand in the way he has – that in and of itself is a momentous accomplishment far beyond my own capability or desire. Every luxury based brand blends itself to a mindset of status to generate demand. I don’t own a Rolex or a Mazerati or a gold chained necklace. I wear jeans and hiking boots and drive a Hyundai. My extravagance is I shoot Leicas because I love everything about them. Your angst, if I may, is rooted in the fork in the road between Leica’s simplicity and Thorsten’s extravagance I think, but forgive me if I am wrong. Regardless, thank you for this wonderful blog. There is nothing more healthy in these troubled times than respectful discourse. On another note, I am assembling imagery shot with my M240 from a recent trip to Sao Miguel, Azores. Would you be keen to a post about my trip. If so, please email me and I will send you a link to my blog with some of the imagery shown. Victoria’s Light on wordpress (not a promotion – I don’t have ad-money status – just a photo bloke from Rhode Island). Kind regards, L.

        1. Leicaphila Post author

          I think my fascination/horror of Mr. Overgaard is a result of what appears to me to be his neurotic need to self-promote a false persona. Some of you have defended him, saying he’s making money and a name for himself, as if that’s relevant criteria, as if “making money” excuses what is clearly hucksterism of the highest order. He reminds me of the sad people who go on reality TV shows and happily subject themselves to any indignity in order to win something or make some money or just be “famous.” It takes a special sort of person who’s willing to debase themselves this way, and make no mistake, Overgaard’s entire self-promoted schtick is nothing but debasement, selling his dignity for “fame” in some irrelevant corner of reality. He strikes me as a truly lost soul, flailing around for some grasp on an identity, at base a sad, empty man. Any half-critical person can see that the persona he presents to the world is a fantasy, him and his Princess bride. Sad, very sad. And then all the foolishness with royalty and celebrity and fame and beautiful people and ostentation – which leads me to conclude he’s a man radically unhappy in his own skin, unable to just be who he is. The desire to sell his dignity for status in the eyes of the ignorant is sad and more than a wee bit embarrassing. Of course, people like him, unable to be self-reflective, can’t see that they’re radically embarrassing themselves.

          Which is ironic, because as some have noted, he does put out some interesting and helpful information for people wanting to learn, which to a normal person who be sufficient compensation and reward. Someone also mentioned that he’s a “good photographer” too. That I don’t see. I’d say he’s a competent photographer, much like my niece with her iphone is a competent photographer; he knows the basics of composition, he can produce a “pretty” picture, but so can 100 million other people. If that’s your idea of being “good” at the craft, you’re aiming rather low. Whatever exposure he’s received for his photography is simple a result of his self-promotion. He’s the king with no clothes, and I’m happy to point it out. Good photographers have something to say, can relate a coherent vision that is more than just a well-composed composition. His photography is at the level of stuff that wins prizes at county fairs. It says nothing, because he has nothing to say, and he has nothing to say because he doesn’t even know who he is.

    2. Rob Campbell

      I don’t think “dreams of grandeur” to be his point. I think his point is much like that of most of us: making money and, if possible, having a good time doing it.

      Was a time some of us had both aspects of it from our work, but tempus fugits pretty damned fast and changes a helluva a lot of things whilst it’s doing that. He still appears to be youngish, and nothing kills popular enchantment with glamour as much as does age. It won’t last for ever, not even for him. Why grudge him a comfortable old age? He affects me personally not one iota.

  5. ACG

    He is simply one weird, and fundamentally not so smart, and untalented guy. And, as you’ve pointed out, head case. But as we know for the moment in US politics, there are people who think they can image themselves as geniuses even if there’s nothing behind it.

    Plus his association with Joy Vila (Trump freak) is a sad joke.


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