7 thoughts on “Do It Justice

  1. Rob Campbell

    Gloomy, at best.

    It wouldn’t/doesn’t inspire me to rush out and buy cameras. The message is too grim to make me feel at all willing to release the purse strings.

    In fact the the further away fom that kind of landscape that I could get, the better! Takes me straight back to that shack in the Blair Witch Project woods. Better use a little light sex if they want to sell cameras to folks like me, the camera being more likely to happen than the sex, so consolation prizes pop in as attractive alternatives. You know: cameras, Porsches, Corvettes… but wait, wouldn’t those latter help?



    1. Dan Newell

      Rob, I don’t think the sex angle is going to work for Leica. It may fall into the Statements You’ll Never Hear category like…”Well, y’know, I’m a recovering narcissist” which would be “I get laid much more since I switched to Leica.”

  2. Finny

    I do not see this as a commercial, but rather as a statement on life as such. As a soulful review of life, of what is important in life….
    Reflection on the essential.
    Even in this somewhat rotten time…. hit exactly my feeling. Great!

      1. Tamara

        Not all advertisements are directly engaged in the selling of widgets. There is a class of ad called “institutional” which is largely engaged in peddling general good feeling towards the ad buyer.

        When you see an ad for Raytheon or Boeing during the Sunday Morning Political Talking Head shows, they are not expecting you to set your channel clicker down, pick up your cell phone, and order a weather satellite or attack helicopter.

        1. Rob Campbell

          Of course not, Tamara, that’s kinda obvious; but they are hoping some government official with some power many be watching, somewhere, and negotiate an order on behalf of their country… even The Dominican Republic is contemplating building a wall with its neighbours on Hispaniola; patrolling a new fence would be a great possible market for those choppers, though getting paid may prove a problem.

          Direct sell or subliminal, ’tis all the same: to shift product or service. However, cutting taxable income is also a strong incentive. It’s why some of us bought new equipment, even if we had more than enough in the armoury already. Giving your money to governments to spend badly is not an attractive motivator towards altruism.

          Money is always a company’s bottom line, its raison d’être. Spreading warm, cosy glows is just another marketing device. You know, like hopefully kissing wealthy old aunts?



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