A Short Sabbatical

Leicaphilia is going on a short holiday. I should be back fairly soon. Till then, go dig around in the archives. There’s 425 posts since 2013, much of it nonsense, but some of it worth reading again. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “A Short Sabbatical

  1. Daniel Castelli

    You’ve earned R&R. Be careful with all that adverse weather hitting your state.
    See you soon.

  2. david armour

    Looking forward to your return and wishing you well through this Sabbatical my friend. Cheering you on through the next part of your journey. Take care,


  3. Rob Campbell

    Just to give us something to look at during the sabatical:




    The third one’s in French, but not too complicated in language, so schoolboy memory serves well enough.

    I had the ’69 Pirelli, but didn’t rate it very highly: a triumph of clunky mechanics over form and function. However, it was very much in tune with the Playboy magazine kind of feeling in the way it represented the California life and styles.

    [Funny to think how far behind Britain (should that really read London?) that America was during those years in the world of fashion. Especially in menswear did the American version look too self-conscious. I recall Playboy’s attempts to present the new looks – far too stiff, formal and missing the point, though of course, that couold just have been the photography. What America has always done far better than Europe is the jeans, sweatshirt and t-shirts thing: it sounds easy, but just look around to see how Europe misses that target. We can’t seem to do sloppy and look convincingly cool – we just look scruffy.]

    Derek Forsyth, one of the design gurus behind Pirelli, did a great calendar for Mintex, shot in the US by Uwe Ommer; I can’t remember the year, but I think it might have been during the time when he (Forsyth) was no longer working with Pirelli – there was a period where they used Martyn Walsh, straight after they’d abandoned the calendat for some years – but soon Forsyth was back in the Pirelli saddle and the world resumed its proper rhythms.

    What a load of mental and spiritual crap I permit myself to carry within this aging frame! Oh well, better than sitting and counting my toes or delivering unto myself yet more dead, pointless pictures to process and embalm.


  4. Dogman

    I’m still dropping in every morning, hoping you’re doing okay and have returned.

    Kinda miss your cranky posts and your excellent photos.

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