1930’s German Leica Advertisement

Mid-30’s Leica Advertisement. Given what was going on in the Fatherland at the time, one can only surmise what these women were fleeing from (tracer fire possibly?).

That looks to be a Leica III, Model F (not to be confused with the IIIf), made between 1933-39, although it might also be IIIa, Model G, the only difference being the IIIa had a 1/1000th shutter. The lens is a 5cm F2 Summar.

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2 thoughts on “1930’s German Leica Advertisement

  1. Kodachromeguy

    Oh, they were not fleeing from anything. These charming young ladies were the epitome of Aryan womanhood – blond (or almost blond), athletic, and wholesome.

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