Life Can Be a Bumpy Ride

Leica Monochrome, 1600 ISO

Me, after an 8 hour surgery. I’m supposedly much better.

20 thoughts on “Life Can Be a Bumpy Ride

  1. Rob Campbell

    Tim, why are you making a play for the Joel Meyerowitz look?

    Seriously, though, hang on in there, buddy – lots of people need you to be around and brighten up the day for them, starting right here.

    For what it’s worth: your arms still look thicker than mine ever were. Must be those bikes…

    Wishing you a speedy recovery back to the best normal you can have.


  2. David

    Very best wishes for a excellent recovery. Must have been a helluva procedure.
    Take care

  3. Dan Newell

    Good Lord…..

    “Mr. Newell you’ll have to get up and get walking to get that bowel moving”
    “You better double dose that morphine and make damn sure I don’t run out!”

    All positive vibes sent via the Cosmic Muffin to you.

  4. Hank

    Hoping this is the start of a speedy recovery and a return to health.
    Not sure about the Uncle Fester look, though.

  5. Finny

    It makes me very sad to see you in this situation. But at the same time, it makes me confident and happy that you have survived this long surgery well. Now things are looking up again!
    All the best wishes for a fast and good recovery!
    In the meantime I browse through all the great reports here on your website!
    Take care!

  6. Dogman

    Well, you made it back, looking all…uh, back. Kinda ragged but we’ll get used to the look.

    Speedy recovery, Tim.

  7. Andrew

    That, sir, in an impressive scar. You have me beat. Chemo is the worst part of it, if you can make it through that you get a pass. You’ve done your time in hell. Wishing you more good days than bad, leading to no bad days at all. Hope you’re up to posting more soon.

  8. Lee Rust

    After what you’ve been through, what can I say? Looking good!

    Much appreciation goes out to all your doctors and care providers. There’s nothing like a competent medical team to make a cloudy future look a lot brighter.

  9. stephen jenner

    It looks like you are having a really rough ride Tim, surgery can be a bit hard on the old system, but with a fair wind and a wish and a prayer, you WILL make it through to the other side and a good recovery.

    Meanwhile, my turn this week… kidney stone…


    It won’t be long before you are back on your bike, with the wind in your er…

    … hair.

    He said, inserting a massive foot in mouth.

    … true to form 🙂


  10. Shuya Ohno


    When you posted that you were taking some time away, I assumed it was regarding your illness. I am so grateful that the procedure was a success and that you were able to withstand the punishment that an operation like this represents. I imagine everyday is hard and painful. Please know you have a lot of people in this community you’ve nurtured who are pulling for you and rooting for you. I am keeping you in my thoughts and pray for a speedy recovery. Much love.

  11. Bob Palmieri

    The level of connection these images form with your situation as it really was reinforces the power of photography you’ve always known existed.

    And the courage we’ve always found in the greatest images and in your own writing is a serious inspiration.

    Damn, I’m seriously grateful for you, your spirit and your ways of bringing them to us all.

  12. Dennis Stierer

    I really enjoy all your posts, have read so many, and continuing to read more.
    My BEST wishes and prayers to you for a speedy and healthy recovery.
    Your writing has inspired so much in me.
    Thank You for all you share.
    My Best to you,

  13. George Feucht

    Truly, let me know if there is anything you need. You’re running the gauntlet incredibly well, but honestly you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Give ’em hell

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