A Thinking Man’s Camera

“This “pro” doesn’t boast electronic circuitry. It doesn’t have photocells to select the area of interest. No little indicators to tell you there’s not enough light. The Leica M4 is strictly for those of you who prefer to do your own thinking, your own creating.” – Leitz Advertisement, Popular Photography, 1968

Still a valid claim today. It’s interesting to think how far camera technology has come in the last 50 years, and yet, the same claims of simplicity of design and function can be made for a 65 year old design, Leica M film cameras still being enthusiastically used by photographers around the world.

6 thoughts on “A Thinking Man’s Camera

  1. Jim Stewart

    Interesting bit of ’60’s Madison Avenue blurb. Wasn’t it the M4 of which Don Draper had a cupboard-full in his office? And interesting too for the reference to the photographer’s “reflex”…

  2. Kodachromeguy

    “strictly for those of you who prefer to do your own thinking, your own creating”? Wow, don’t try this with the crowd that hangs around DPreview. Without IBIS, ISO of 12,500, 10^8 megapixels, stabilized super zooms, and 10 frames per second, they will pop veins in their heads. But at least the Leica is “full frame.”

    1. Leicaphila Post author


      There’s a guy who’ll be calling you up next week while in Paris. He has some Diafine he wants to give you.

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