December 2020 Update

Been Spending A Lot of Time Here Recently

Dear Readers:

As you’ve noticed, Leicaphilia has gone dormant the last few months – not from lack of interest on my part but because of health issues. I am currently in treatment for stage 3 stomach cancer. I’ve been dealing with fairly serious gastrointestinal issues for the past year with repeated hospitalizations, which explains the hit-and-miss nature of the blog the last year…but it’s only recently that I’ve received a cancer diagnosis. Obviously, that’s my focus going forward.

I’m hoping to continue with Leicaphilia in the future but am not sure of when or if. I’ll keep you informed.

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29 thoughts on “December 2020 Update

  1. Hank Beckmeyer

    Sorry to learn of this Tim.
    My best wishes to you, and all the luck in the world for your treatment.

  2. Stephen J

    Sorry to hear this Tim, your whereabouts has been concerning and on my mind, clearly, I am not alone.

    Anyway, get well soon and KBO.

  3. daniel

    Oh dear Tim i am so sorry to read this. I’ve gone through two cancers and now what is all about. Keep faith, the war will only be lost if you decide it, so you will have one knee on the ground, maybe two, but it is never over. Hope you are on excellent hands and have faith in the war to go through in the next months. Fight !

  4. Rob Campbell

    Man, that’s the last thing I suspected. I’m very sorry to hear your news, and I wish you well, along with the will to fight your corner and win. You have to do this, and beat the mother.

    You are in my thoughts, Tim, and now in my prayers as well.


  5. Dan Kapsner

    Damn! Sorry to hear this! I wish you serenity and better health in this already challenging time.

  6. Michael Beringer

    Have enjoyed your posts for several years. I am so sorry to learn of your diagnosis. I wish you all the best.

  7. FinnPirat

    Hello Tim!
    I am very sorry to hear this. Yes, I’ve missed your articles a lot these past few months. But I am even more happy to hear from you again. Gather strength again, come back to your old strength and take good care of yourself! You’re not missing anything out there right now anyway. Life is down in all areas, as if the world also needs a time out, a time to convalesce. And when everyone takes a deep breath again, and spring and summer let the earth shine anew, then you will be in the middle of it all again, and enjoy the new life!
    Greetings from the – currently very cold – south from Germany.

  8. Christoph Schultes

    I’m very sorry to hear this news: best wishes and stay strong – think of all the wonderful photos that are just waiting for when you complete the treatment!

  9. Sophie Lévy Burton

    I’ve only just discovered your wonderful site, writing and photographs. Wish you a full recovery and thank you for your contribution to the arts and the mysteries of the gorgeous planet, who we are as artists and why do what we do.

  10. Andreas Leemann

    Very sorry to hear this. I wish you the best and hope that you will be able to recover soon. And a big thank you for all the thoughts and ideas you shared with us during the last years.

  11. Dogman

    Tim, sorry to hear of your illness. Please take care of yourself and get better. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.

  12. Régis

    Tim, this new ordeal will grant you precious moments with your beloved ones. The most important is to never give up the fight!
    All of my best thoughts for the moments to come.

  13. Rolf

    I love the photo. Says it all.
    Have missed your writings. Suspected you were out riding your bike instead of philosophising and making pictures. Guess I was wrong. Too bad. Life is often a bumpy ride.

    Good luck with your treatment. And hope to be able to read more of your stuff soon.

  14. Richard Richter

    2020 was already a terrible year and now this is also an added bonus! What bad news … Good luck with your treatment and I trust that everything is going in the right direction and that we can enjoy your articles for years to come!

  15. Joe

    Dear Tim
    I am truly sorry that you you must run this gauntlet that fate has placed before you. I hope you remain strong in body and spirit.
    Thank you for all the thoughtful insights you have shared in your highly satisfying and entertaining blog.
    The takeaway

    “Walk on air against your better judgement.”
    ― Seamus Heaney

    All the best,

  16. Bob Palmieri

    Tim –

    Kinda figured something was up but didn’t expect it. to be this deep.

    Glad you’re leveling with us. From your posts over the years, you really seem like you have the goods to insure the best possible outcome here.

    Thanks for real for trusting us Tim fans with the truth.

    Bob Palmieri

  17. Daniel Castelli

    Hi Tim,
    I’m sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis.
    Lots of people are praying for you, lots of people are wishing you good luck. Just don’t piss off your nurses, they handle your shots.
    You’re in my prayers.

  18. Larry Cloetta

    Only just saw this today as I’d been “away” for a while as well. Am hoping for the best for you, is about all I can say, as anything else seems redundant. In my thoughts going forward.

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