Yesterday’s Walk, With Fedora

Irrespective of what you think of the the photos themselves, (they are part of a series intended to be shown along with a retrospective of my abstract paintings) the 8×12 exhibition prints matted on 16×20 off-white matt boards are stunning. All photos were taken with a ‘4MP’ Sigma SD15. I did the same series with the M9 Monochrome; not even close. The little 4/14MP Foveon sensor in the SD14/SD15/DP1/DP2 is remarkable for B&W. I continue to be amazed at 1) its output and 2) its complete absence among dedicated digital B&W shooters.

All were shot RAW at ISO 100, post-processed in Sigma Photo Pro’s monochrome palette.

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2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Walk, With Fedora

  1. patrick j clarke

    My personal favorites are the DP1 and DP2 Merrills for Monochrome and I shoot mono almost exclusively with them. I’m glad I’ve found another who loves shooting mono with Foveon!

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