Digital Photography Has Now Become Authentic

According to a recent PetaPixel article, there has been a shift away from taking curated photos with the latest phone camera technology. Gen Z now think the “imperfect and authentic” images taken on an old point-and-shoot digital camera are cool.

21-year-old Zoe, who uses a Canon S100: “I love the fact that when you take the picture you can’t immediately post it to social media. There’s something so refreshing about taking a picture and waiting.” She adds “I also love the ‘lower quality’ and grainy look that my camera gives compared to my iPhone.”

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5 thoughts on “Digital Photography Has Now Become Authentic

  1. Tamara

    The hipsters have decided that there’s a certain aesthetic to the files from old CCD sensors of 10MP or less (and I’m not saying they’re wrong) that’s not there in modern >24MP CMOS images, and that’s caused Zoomers to be raiding their parents closets and attics for old FinePixes… FinePixii? …and PowerShots from the mid-Aughties.

  2. Lee Rust

    Now that we have A.I. imagers like “DALL-E 2”, ‘authentic’ is becoming more of an issue…

    I still carry a 2007 vintage Canon Powershot SD1000 in the front pocket of my shoulder bag, always ready to substitute for the Leica whenever I need macro, flash or video. The 7Mp CCD photos are pretty noisy above 200 iso, but otherwise they’re just fine.

  3. Tamara

    Weird how “authentic” has morphed from its dictionary definition (“of undisputed origin, genuine”) to a slang term meaning imperfect or flawed.

  4. Brian

    Going to an event, a party, a get-together: Forget the Leica, Bring the Polaroid. I get more requests from young people asking for pictures with the SLR680 than any other. “Can you please take 3 so we can each have one”.

    Polaroid is where it’s at, Baby…

  5. Robert Coscia

    It was around 1987 I had the SX70 Polaroid a flash…. And a big industrial hand crank button machine….
    Went to events – windsurfing, Golf, (Weddings) and even bar hopping and made a fortune at $5 a button, plus drinks, free food and tips of all sorts!!!
    Id take 6 of the same shot (everyone wanted one in the group photo) and they would come back in 15 minutes for the photo buttons. I could even add wording, daters, or icons on top of the image.
    Burning through boxes of film like crazy. What these people would do OMG.
    I still have buttons from then and they look GREAT after all those years.
    That button machine was a chic magnet as well for some reason. A lot of fun and many a late night.
    POLAROID all the way!!!

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