3 thoughts on “Ralph Gibson With Some Good Advice

  1. Rob Campbell

    For a long time I didn’t take to Gibson’s oeuvre at all; around a year or so ago, and I’m not sure why, I found him to be quite fascinating. Perhaps I’d imagined there was something about his background, possibly reminiscent of Eggleston, that I felt gave him the public space denied others (no, I’m not rabidly and politically egalitarian, so it’s definitely not that) trying to make it as artists. Not that I knew much about his background, but why let that get in the way of a good suspicion?

    Perhaps part of the reason for my sudden reappraisal was because he has a great deal of apparent chutzpah, has been around successfully for ages, and manages to come over as totally confident and convinced about what he does. Or maybe I just watched more videos of his work and liked much of what came across.

    Strange thing, trying to be objective about artists.



  2. Howard Pan

    I liked his comment on having a point of departure. I am going to try it to improve my work.

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